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Thursday, August 15, 2013

If I were you

"Funny you should say that..." And he ends there. It was a strange reaction to my comment about brushing his teeth when all that's left are two molars; the rest replaced by off-white dentures. I waited for him to continue but he was silent. That was his way of brushing comments aside...almost like brushing away a fallen white hair on his shoulder. His expression has always been fit for a poker game, passive and bereft of emotion.

Even now, I know that he is very good now at hiding that irritation of being made fun at while he was brushing his er, dentures...

"Which reminds me..." and he is off to his room. He reminds me of Alfred Hitchcock. The British master storyteller was a genius at leaving people hanging when he narrates a thrilling tale and then leaves unceremoniously at the climax. I am left standing. Alone.

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