My Freedom

Thursday, May 27, 2010

Fence Sitters in Election Land

With the Philippine elections over, the euphoria of engaging in a first ever automated process is immediately doused by charges of rigging, and massive vote-buying. All these are only second to the overwhelming election violence that has been denounced worldwide through the internet and the media. These are our realities and we accept it. The left and right barrage of opinions however, is easily the one that highlights our attributes as a people. For one, the losing applicants never seem to want to concede. They always claim to have been cheated. Accusations abound, from the ridiculous to the mundane. And there seems to be no proof. Others point to "some" people who engaged in bribery, but refuse to give names. Opinions abound and almost everyone has hundreds of them. Nothing seems to matter. It's like watching catfishes in an aquarium; all going in one direction but not going anywhere at all. Quo Vadis Pinoy?